Dempsey Talks Enchanted Role

By Garth Franklin Monday January 23rd 2006 11:19AM

Patrick Dempsey told Sci-Fi Wire that he will star in the upcoming fantasy romantic comedy film "Enchanted", playing a single father and lawyer who helps a banished cartoon princess find true love.

On an interview at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Dempsey says "I'm doing this one for my daughter, because it takes place as a fairy tale, as a cartoon, and the princess is banished from the kingdom and sent into the real world to find her one true love. And I help her navigate the waters of New York to find her true love. I play a single father... So it's like, it's about a boy, it's about a girl. And it's a really sweet, romantic comedy that's finally something my daughter can go see. I start it in April"

In the movie, directed by Kevin Lima, Dempsey joins a cast that includes Susan Sarandon as wicked Queen Narissa, Amy Adams as the princess and James Marsden as the prince. Bill Kelly ("Blast From the Past") wrote the script for the film, which will mix computer animation with live action in New York.