Tarantino's 007 Plans

By Garth Franklin Tuesday April 6th 2004 09:30PM

Sci-Fi Wire continues its big scoopage today, the news service talked with famed Director Quentin Tarantino who revealed he has talked to Pierce Brosnan about the idea of adapting the first ever James Bond novel "Casino Royale" published in 1952 as Brosnan's fifth and final film in the series.

The plan he had was the offer of a low budget and Brosnan's return which would hopefully convince the producers to approve a one-time-only return to the character-driven spy plots of the first several 007 films: "Wouldn't it be great to have a James Bond movie that didn't cost $115 million and only cost $40 million or something like that? You know it's going to make its money back, and we [would] all do good. Maybe we win the critics this time, then you're back in business the way you were before".

The director noted however that the difficulty would be to convince producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to diverge from the current formula of expensive action set pieces - and felt there was only "a thin chance" that he would win the project.

Tarantino's acting boy and "Die Another Day" cameo boy Michael Madsen spoke with The Toronto Sun about the Bond series and seems to indicate Pierce's heart just ain't in it - "Pierce lives right down the beach from me. Our kids play together," Madsen said. "And he told me he doesn't want to do another one. I also heard that they bought him out. I really don't know but an impasse is an impasse". Madsen said he was told that Brosnan will be replaced with an Australian, although he did not know who.

Thanks to 'Gustavo'.