Author Talks Splinter Cell Differences

By Garth Franklin Friday December 30th 2005 11:52PM

Raymond Benson, author of the "Splinter Cell" novels, told The Fairer Sects that as far as he knows the upcoming film will share only one common element with the games and books - lead character Sam Fisher.

"Keep in mind that novels and games and even movies that are based on a franchise can't always be the 'same'. There will always be differences. I certainly experienced this with James Bond. The truly hardcore Bond fans have in their heads their own ideas of what Bond should be... the truth is that Bond has become so many different things over the course of fifty years that no one concept of Bond is the "real" thing anymore. I'm pretty sure the upcoming film will have differences. As far as I know, the screenplay is totally original and not based on any existing game or my books".

Mark Wahlberg, David Boreanaz, Thomas Jane and Chris Showerman have all been linked to the main role in the project which was to be directed by Peter Berg until he left.