Lots Of New Photos Spreading

By Garth Franklin Wednesday December 28th 2005 11:57PM

Heaps of new stills are popping up all over the online community, some right here, some elsewhere. We're all getting different shots at different times so forgive me if you've seen any of these before:

  • The first shot of Russell Crowe in the quiet little Ridley Scott drama "A Good Year" is up right here, as are new photos from the likes of 16 Blocks, Breach, Firewall, The Reaping and V for Vendetta.

  • Two shots from the David Fincher directed serial killer drama "Zodiac" are up at Film Listen

  • Two new photos of Forrest Whitaker as the infamous Idi Amin in "The Last King of Scotland" are at Blackfilm.

  • Various new stills from Julianne Moore drama "Freedomland" are up at Latinoreview.

  • More photos of Matt Damon and Robert DeNiro on the set of "The Good Shepherd" up at Just Jared.

  • Two new photos of Milla Jovovich in "Ultraviolet" up at Sci-Fi Wire.

  • The first bit of artwork from Luc Besson's animated tale "Arthur and the Minimoys" at Blairwitch.

  • Two new shots of Brandon Routh in the "Superman" costume from the recent issue of Premiere at Just Jared.

  • The first real shot of Bryce Dallas Howard as the title character in "Lady in the Water" at Blairwitch.

  • The first shot from George Reeve biopic "Truth, Justice and the American Way" is up at Lou's Express Lane.

  • Looks at indie drama "London" with Jason Statham and real life couple Chris Evans and Jessica Biel at Blackfilm .

  • Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder in action in "Pulse" at Blackfilm.

Thanks to 'Antoine'