Uwe Boll Talks Cry, Postal & Hitman

By Garth Franklin Monday December 26th 2005 11:38PM

Creature Corner recently had the chance to do an email interview with one of the more despised directors out there now - Uwe Boll whose new movie "Bloodrayne", starring Michael Madsen, Michelle Rodriguez and Ben Kingsley, is coming out January 6th. The man gave short answers but had a few things to say about his other upcoming video game to film adaptations:

Any info on the film version of Postal? I write the script right now

And is it true that Gary Coleman will reprise his role from the game? Yes

What's going on with the rights to Hitman? Hopefully Vin Diesel is contacting me soon

Far Cry? Fully financed, we go for The Rock or Jason Statham

Do you anticipate the change in German tax law next year to effect your ability to continue to get films financed? The next three are financed

Meanwhile it was announced today that an exclusive new trailer for his $55 million movie "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale" will be attached to every "Bloodrayne" print.