Daniel Craig Talks 007 & Casino

By Garth Franklin Monday December 26th 2005 11:33PM

Out talking about his small role in "Munich", actor Daniel Craig talked up his role as James Bond in the upcoming "Casino Royale" to MTV, saying "['Crash' writer] Paul Haggis has done a rewrite of the script and has written great dialogue. The lead girl part is fantastic, the characters are all fantastic. It's a Bond film. We're making a Bond movie first and foremost".

The 37-year-old star cites "From Russia With Love" as his favorite series installment, but says 'Casino' is "going to be very different from anything else ... it will have certain elements that will make it a Bond movie". That includes Ian Flemings;s source material - "There's a lot of similarities with the book but yes, of course it's been updated. It has to be. It's a suspension of disbelief that we're renewing Bond, and that this is the first time you see him." Finally, he admitted, "Yes, I could fail miserably, but maybe I can do something that's different and make the franchise last another 30 years -- as opposed to another three".

Meanwhile George Michael has been approached by the makers behind the new James Bond movie to record the theme song reports The Daily Record. A 'friend' of the star told the tabloid: "George is really chuffed that he's been asked to meet up with the guys behind Casino Royale. It's very low key at the moment, but the people behind the movie are very keen to make this work".