News Bites: Friday, December 16th 2005

By Garth Franklin Friday December 16th 2005 11:01PM

Apocalypto: Footage from the Mel Gibson flick is up at The Movie Box.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian: NarniaWeb reports that according to a source at Disney who requested anonymity "Prince Caspian", the second story in the Chronicles of Narnia, has been greenlit for a December 2007 theatrical release. Disney was hoping for a $60 million opening weekend for "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" and since the film's opening exceeded their expectation they are moving forward.

Crank: A look at the script for the Jason Statham actioneer is up at Latino Review.

Darkness: Scott Rosenberg talks about the adaptation to CBR.

The Hobbit: Illustrator Alan Lee talks about potential film plans to BadTaste.

A Prairie Home Companion: The first shot from the new Robert Altman flick is up at Twitchfilm.

A Scanner Darkly: Radiohead have been approached to score Linklater's new flick according to Twitchfilm.

Rocky Balboa: More pics from the recent shoot in Las Vegas are at Rocky Fans. On site staff report that three alternate endings were shot - one where Rocky wins, one where he loses, and one where it is a tie. Video blogs from the film are up at Rocky Balboa Blog.

Scary Movie 4: The first still from the latest comedy sequel is now up at Blair, posters are up at Latino Review.

Smallville (TV): The next batch of uninterrupted new episodes begin January 12th and run through til February 16th.

Threshold: Brannon Braga talks about what the rest of the season entailed for the now cancelled series with iF Magazine.

Transformers: The film crew is scouting locations and trying to lock down studio space in Vancouver for a ten month lease starting this February.

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