Trade Breaks: Superman, Father, Memories

By Garth Franklin Friday December 16th 2005 07:15PM

""Superman Returns" helmer Bryan Singer has engaged documentary director Kevin Burns to make "Look Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman". Singer, who is exec producing with Burns, is working with the studio on ambitious plans to get the feature-length docu a theatrical release through a Warner Bros. distributor and a TV viewing before WB unveils "Superman Returns" on June 30. Aside from a limited theatrical window, a TV broadcast would show a cut of the film that includes a scene from the new movie. Docu will also likely end up either on the DVD release of "Superman Returns" or in a free-standing DVD version..." (full details)

"Mandalay Integrated Media Entertainment, Prelude Pictures and the Hatchery are teaming to produce family comedy "Our Father," based on a story created by the late John Candy about a priest transferred from Beverly Hills to Detroit. Producers are aiming to start production in mid-2006 and hope to involve Candy's friends in the project. Story, penned by Gene Quintano, centers on a celeb-like priest who's sent from a glitzy life in Southern California to a parish in an impoverished neighborhood in inner-city Detroit..." (full details)

"Japanese thesp Ken Watanabe is exec producing his first film, the Japanese-language "Memories of Tomorrow" (Ashita no kioku). Set for release by Toei next May, it will also be Watanabe's first starring role in a Japanese film; he plays a successful businessman with a perfect family whose life is shattered by early-onset Alzheimer's. Pic is helmed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi ("Collage of Our Life"). Watanabe has cast TV comic Noritake Kinashi and TV thesp Kenji Sakaguchi in major supporting roles..." (full details).