Conquistador Cortes Gets Biopic

By Garth Franklin Thursday December 15th 2005 06:23PM

Hollywood Gang Prods. is set to produce "Conquistador," a $40 million+ "intimate epic" revolving around 16th century Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes. The project will be the biggest-budget Spanish-language film ever made reports Variety.

"Conquistador" tracks Cortes as he sails westward from Cuba in 1519 in his quest to expand the Spanish empire and the subsequent destruction of the Aztec empire. Brazilian helmer Andrucha Waddington ("Me You Them", "House of Sand") is attached to direct.

Screenplay by Nicholas Kazan ("Reversal of Fortune," "Bicentennial Man") was translated by historian-scribe Carlos Bardem, brother of actor Javier Bardem. No cast has been set. Epic is slated to start principal photography in Brazil and elsewhere in South America in September.