Second Teaser: "Shaun the Sheep: The Movie"

By Garth Franklin Friday August 29th 2014 12:17PM
Second Teaser: "Shaun the Sheep: The Movie"

Following a first glimpse earlier this year, a new trailer is out for "Shaun the Sheep: The Movie," the new feature from "Wallace and Gromit" creators Aardman Animation. Shaun first appeared in the 'Wallace' short "A Close Shave" and his since gone on to star in over one-hundred episodes of Aardman's stop-motion animated TV series shorts.

Now, Shaun gets his own feature which "Gnomeo & Juliet" writer Mark Burton is co-writing and directing. Still in production at Aardman Studios in Bristol, the film is slated for a UK release on February 6th 2015.