New Trailers: Below, Exists, Whiplash, Men

By Garth Franklin Monday August 25th 2014 04:07PM

Several new trailers of note today. Legendary is making one last marketing push on its R-rated, Paris Catacombs-set, found footage horror tale "As Above, So Below" with a new restricted trailer going online ahead of the film's debut on Friday.

Speaking of found footage horror, the trailer is out for "The Blair Witch Project" co-director Eduardo Sanchez's Sasquatch movie "Exists" which hits VOD on October 24th. The film won the SXSW Midnighters Audience Award earlier this year and follows a group of friends camping in the Texas Big Thicket when they come under attack.

A new international trailer for Sundance winner "Whiplash" has gone online and features some of the least nasty cursing that J.K. Simmons' music teacher spits out to a young drummer (Miles Teller) in the film.

Finally there's a new international trailer for "Far From Men," the 1950s Algeria-set tale starring Viggo Mortensen as a French teacher in a small village there who forms an unexpected bond with a dissident.