Alexander, Bat, Punisher Photos

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 31st 2004 08:20AM

New shots from the Alexander the Great biopic have appeared in print recently and Coming Soon has the scans. Along with a great new battle shot from the Persian war scenes, there's also several shots from a sequence set in the famed Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Then comes the big revelation for the day - the first shots of the new Batmobile in "Batman Begins", courtesy of the official site. The script describes it as a pseudo-tank originally called the Tumbler and the design does fit the description.
Finally, below those comes three exclusive to DH shots of Thomas Jane in action in the April 16th release of the Marvel comic adaptation "The Punisher".
Thanks to 'Paul', 'Kellvin', 'Eduardo', 'TrekBR', 'KarlChilders' & 'Shudders'.