Dench Back For More Bond-age

By Garth Franklin Thursday November 24th 2005 10:46PM

At the "Mrs Henderson Presents" premiere last night, Empire Online took a few moments out to talk to Judi Dench about her role as M in the James Bond movies and whether she would be returning to it when "Casino Royale" begins shooting:

"Yes of course" says Dench, "And I heard today that I'm not going to be in London. I'm going to get to go to Prague and The Bahamas. They're getting me out of my box. It's a whole film there. I'm very much looking forward to working with Daniel, but I've not even read a script yet. All I know is that we're due to start in February".

Dench has portrayed the role of the MI6 chief throughout Pierce Brosnan's four film run. As this film serves as a prequel of sorts to the series with Daniel Craig in the role, many still are wondering what her involvement will entail.

Thanks to 'Dust Bunny'.