Trailers: Starred, Expendables, Lucy, Giver

By Garth Franklin Wednesday July 9th 2014 09:11PM

A bunch of new videos have gone up today starting with the U.S. trailer for what is my own personal favorite film of the year thus far - the British prison drama "Starred Up". After that comes an extended TV spot for the third "The Expendables" opening in a few weeks.

Next up, AskMen has released an exclusive clip from Luc Besson's upcoming action thriller "Lucy" in which Scarlett Johansson has first scored her drug-induced superpowers and escapes custody. There's also the trailer for the direct-to-disc animated movie based on the PlayStation "Heavenly Sword" game franchise.

Then, there's a new music video for Phil Noyce's "The Giver" set to OneRepublic's original song "Ordinary Human" which was created specifically for the movie. Finally comes the U.S. trailer for Terry Gilliam's trippy "Zero Theorem".