New Trailers: "Guest," "Guardians," "Prince," "Lupin"

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 26th 2014 12:45PM
New Trailers: "Guest," "Guardians," "Prince," "Lupin"

The Guest
Filmmaker Adam Wingard follows up impressive home invasion tale "You're Next" with his new thriller "The Guest". The story follows the Peterson family when a soldier named David (Dan Stevens) turns up at their doorstep, a man who claims to be the friend and fellow platoon member of their deceased son.

David says he'll fulfil the last with of his friend by watching over the Petersons to make sure they're safe. Soon though, accidental deaths begin to occur and they all seem to be connected to David's presence in the house. Ethan Embry, Joel Moore, Candice Patton and Maika Monroe also star and the teaser trailer has just gone online:

Guardians of the Galaxy
Marvel has unveiled a new extended TV spot for "Guardians of the Galaxy," this one containing almost all new footage. Forgoing the generic orchestral piece of the last trailer, this one goes back to using 1970s pop music for the score - in this case The Runaway's "Cherrybomb".

The Prince
Bruce Willis and Jason Patric team up for what looks like a "Taken"-style DTV action cheapie which is launching only in limited release and direct-to-VOD later this Summer.

Lupin III
Another Japanese trailer is out for the live-action film based on the beloved anime "Lupin III". Ryuhei Kitamura helms the new take on the character which opens this year in Japan. Sadly no subtitles are on offer.