"Batman v Superman" Character, Costume Talk

By Garth Franklin Monday June 23rd 2014 01:13PM

With Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" project currently in the middle of shooting, assorted bits of information are popping up from time to time regarding the production. Today comes new details about the characters.

Their report also says her costume sports blue bottoms, silver gauntlets and a variation of the traditional body armor. It is "combat-ready" and includes a sword, a spear, the golden lasso and a shield which she straps to her back.

Part of said final battle is apparently a villain created or controlled by Lex Luthor that requires three DC superheroes to bring it down. This is where the Doomsday rumors come from, but it's unclear which villain it could be.

In terms of Batman, there is a Wayne Manor but Bruce lives on another part of the property - a modern cottage with access to the Batcave. Along with the new Batmobile there's also a new Batwing. The character is a veteran and very independent crime-fighter who has friction with Superman due to the latter being a "willing follower".

Finally comes word via Twitter that the first footage from the film is being rumored to be screened at San Diego Comic Con next month during the DC/Warners panel. Due to the early stage of the production it's expected to only be a clip, not a trailer. The new Batmobile may also be making a physical appearance at the convention.