VOTD: "Showgirls" The Kid-Friendly Version

By Garth Franklin Thursday June 12th 2014 10:47AM
VOTD: "Showgirls" The Kid-Friendly Version

Almost twenty years on, there's still a lot of love for the camp classic that is Paul Verhoeven's NC-17 rated "Showgirls". A critical and box-office bomb, the film has still managed to earn a huge cult following on video and cable showings over the years as audiences enjoy one of the most textbook examples of subversively brilliant high camp trash produced by Hollywood.

At one point, someone decided to recut the film so it could be aired on basic cable. That meant swearing and suggestive dialogue had to be dubbed, some scenes scored sharp edits (bye bye epileptic seizure pool sex), and more frightening is that rather primitive digital bras, smoke and other effects were added to the scenes to cover the nudity.

The Playlist has discovered a seven minute reel which edits together the highlights of this 'Digital Bra TV Cut'. You can watch the key scenes of this sanitised version of the film below: