Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is "Left Behind"

By Garth Franklin Friday May 30th 2014 02:11PM
Trailer: Nicolas Cage Is "Left Behind"

Kirk Cameron is out and Nicolas Cage is in, whilst the budget has been considerably raised for this upcoming second attempt at a film adaptation of the popular Christian thriller novel series "Left Behind".

The books start with 'The Rapture' from Christian eschatology suddenly taking place, and those people left behind on Earth must deal with aftermath and the rise of the Anti-Christ. A previous, no-budget affair was produced in 2000 starring Cameron as a journalist.

Chad Michael Murray takes over that role in the new film, but the focus in this adaptation shifts to Cage's airline pilot character played by Brad Johnson in the previous film. Legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong helms this new version with the first trailer out today. The film opens October 3rd.