"God Forgives," "Grand Budapest" VFX Reels

By Garth Franklin Sunday April 27th 2014 02:43PM

Two interesting behind-the-scenes videos have gone online in recent days showcasing a breakdown of the visual effects work of two quite different movies from the past year.

The first is for Nicolas Winding Refn's Thailand-set, divisive, hallucinogenic and brutal crime drama "Only God Forgives". The most surprising elements here aren't the visual blood trickery and more obvious CG, but rather some of the smaller background effects such as removing the random blinking of extras and the CG replacement of wallpaper. Check it out on Vimeo.

The other is for the more recent Wes Anderson hit "The Grand Budapest Hotel". Again it's the small and often overlooked details here that are the most delightful - from the extensive digital color timing to the wall texture refinements.