A Dozen New Series Make It So Far

By Garth Franklin Tuesday November 1st 2005 04:26PM

With the new television season over a month old, its surprising that the fate of many new series is still up in the air with most doing enough to avoid cancellation but not enough to earn orders for a full season long commitment. The result of which means that probably around mid-season expect quite a few cancellation announcements that would otherwise normally have hit already.

Only four shows have gotten the official chop so far - "Sex, Love and Secrets", "Inconceivable", "Just Legal" and "Head Cases". Other high profile shows like "E-Ring", "Out of Practice", "Threshold" and "Reunion" have had additional scripts ordered in the last week or two meaning the network is still very much on the fence about what to do with these shows and this option allows them to delay making a decision.

Twelve series have managed to be big enough hits with audiences to earn full season long commitments so far. Four sitcoms "How I Met Your Mother", "Everybody Hates Chris", "My Name is Earl" and "The War at Home" will all last out the season. As will forensic dramas "Bones" and "Criminal Minds", sci-fi serials "Surface" and "Invasion", spooky teen thriller "Supernatural", action thriller serial "Prison Break", and ratings hits "Commander in Chief" and "Ghost Whisperer".

Many of these renewals come with little surprise. "Commander in Chief" is the only new show to regularly break into the Top 20, while "Ghost Whisperer" is proving the one hit show on the otherwise quiet Friday night schedule. Many of the other shows, whilst not break out hits, are winning or runners up in their respective timeslots against some stiff competition.

Who'll be the next on the chopping block though? That's the big question that'll plague small screen afficianados for the next few weeks. Amongst the still to be decided are such titles as "Night Stalker", "Kitchen Confidential", "Freddie", "Close to Home", "Love, Inc.", "Related" and "Twins".

Thanks to 'Mary'.