Mel Gibson Talks Apocalypto

By Garth Franklin Monday October 31st 2005 08:58PM

In a recent press conference, Mel Gibson talked in detail for the first time about his next directorial effort "Apocalypto" reports Yahoo.

The project will be filmed in the Mayan dialect of Yucatec, and uses a cast of local actors to tell a story set about 600 years ago, before the Spanish conquest, in the midst of the mysterious decline of the Mayan civilization. Gibson said the cast was "mostly indigenous," with actors culled from Mexico City, the Yucatan and even some U.S. Native Americans. Female lead is a young woman from Veracruz.

The film is planned to be a summer 2006 tentpole for Disney. Gibson said Disney may get worldwide rights as well, but that was still to be decided. A five-month shoot, two in the jungle and three at a Mesoamerican ruin-inspired city that Gibson is building outside of Veracruz.

"Although (the Mayan culture) is an integral part of the story, what I am doing is creating an action-adventure of mythic proportions ... and I am a megalomaniac, so I like the position" says Gibson who also confirmed the film will be both gory and light on dialogue.

Thanks to 'Jediyuth'