"Pee Wee Herman" Film Close To Fruition

By Garth Franklin Friday March 21st 2014 11:22PM

Filmmaker and producer Judd Apatow says that the proposed new "Pee Wee Herman" movie is closer to happening than we might expect.

Paul Reubens and Paul Rust are co-writing the script which sees the character going on a trip. Speaking at Loyola Marymount University last week, Apatow says:

"We've kicked around a couple of titles. Pee Wee Takes a Holiday...that was one of them. But we have a great script that he wrote with a friend of mine, Paul Rust and I think we're probably going to get to do that soon."

Reubens is expected to reprise his iconic role and the film could shoot before the end of the year.

Source: THR