"X-Men: Days," "Spider-Man 2" Trailer Teasing

By Garth Franklin Monday March 17th 2014 12:25PM

The increasingly complained about trend of trailers for trailers continues unabated for now. One full week out from launch, 20th Century Fox have teased the new trailer for "X-Men: Days of Future Past" via an Instagram clip. Boasting a strange grid pattern layout, there's actually nothing on offer beyond footage that we've already seen.

Sony meanwhile are using a more interesting mix of villain-themed poster art to tease the launch of the final trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". The '4 Days' count had The Rhino, the '3 Days' count boasts Green Goblin - or at least his fashionable heels and rocket board.

Finally, in a welcome sign of restrained trailer teasing (as in text only), MTV has used Instagram to reveal that the first trailer for the young adult novel adaptation "The Maze Runner" will premiere during tonight's episode of "Teen Wolf". Both the show and film star acclaimed rising young star Dylan O'Brien so this makes for a nice bit of corporate synergy.