BBC, Shine Score "The Farm" Film Rights

By Garth Franklin Monday March 10th 2014 12:19PM

BBC Films and Shine Pictures have acquired the rights to "Child 44" author Tom Rob Smith's new psychological thriller novel "The Farm".

The story follows Daniel, a Londoner who believes his parents are living a peaceful life on a farm in rural Sweden. One day he receives a frantic call from his father - his mother has escaped from a mental hospital shortly after being committed.

Shortly after his mother calls him, telling him she's en-route and asking for the chance to tell her story. Has she had a psychotic break? Of is she victim of a terrible conspiracy that implicates the man's father in a terrible crime?

Ollie Madden will produce the film adaptation. A film version of Smith's "Child 44", starring Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace and Gary Oldman, is slated to hit later this year.

Source: Screen