Adam Garcia Talks Doctor Who

By Garth Franklin Thursday October 20th 2005 11:41PM

"I don't know much. They keep everything so secretive * really secretive! They like everything to keep you surprised" Aussie actor Adam Garcia said of his role in the upcoming second season of "Doctor Who" this week.

Chatting with some grunt from Showtime Australia during the announcements of the iF award nominations, the actor confirmed his taking part and speaks highly of the new Doctor David Tennant - "He is amazing and his dream as an actor was to play Dr Who and then when it was not happening, he was really disappointed but he was like "I'm still gonna become an actor". Now he actually gets to live his dream and he is marvelous, he really is exceptional".

He continued about his love for the new show: "I have been a fan of Dr Who since I was (obviously) little and at the read throughs -you know just getting to read the scripts is amazing because they keep them all secret - you get told you're doing it and then you go "Oh! This is what I am doing!" And then you spend a lot of time looking at walls going "They're coming straight for me!" pretending things"

Meanwhile talk about the franchise continues to pour out of the UK recently. Outpost Gallifrey reports that BBC bosses want the 19-year-old singer Charlotte Church to play a raunchy, Satan-worshipping villain in 13-part spin-off series "Torchwood". Meanwhile the second series is said to feature the return of characters like Jackie, Mickey, PM Harriet Jones, Cassandra (pre-stretched form) and old series characters Sarah Jane Smith & K9 according to various sources. Pauline Collins, Sophia Myles and Anthony Stewart Head will also guest star in tales ranging from period werewolf pieces and two two-parters probably utilising the Cybermen.

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