Vartan Returns To Flailing Alias

By Garth Franklin Thursday October 20th 2005 11:37PM

The first two seasons were amongst the best TV of the past decade, the third was a jumbled mess, the fourth a mostly dull attempted regress to the glory days of old. Now in its fifth season, "Alias" attempted to reinvent itself yet again with new cast members and the high profile death of a key regular.

The result hasn't helped. Stuck in a far more competitive timeslot, no "Lost" lead-in, and the general tiredness of the storylines, fans both new and old are turning off in droves. The third episode of the show has plunged to 70th place in the ratings with only 7.2 million viewers.

One of the reasons might have been the exit of Michael Vaughn (Michael Vartan) who was written out of the show in the first episode of the new season. TV Guide reports however that Vartan was spotted this week around the set which has brewed up talk that he may be coming back in some capacity.

Thanks to 'Ant'