You Can Smell & Look Like "Hannibal"

By Garth Franklin Monday February 24th 2014 11:32PM
You Can Smell & Look Like "Hannibal"

Gaumont International Television, NBCUniversal, and global brand management firm Evolution are all teaming up to launch a range of merchandise based on the NBC drama series "Hannibal".

Despite the show's dark subject matter, it has also become known for its high-class taste and aesthetics which this merchandise will capitalise on.

"Hannibal"-related clothing, accessories, fragrances and even home furnishings and decor will be made for sale throughout North America and Europe. Will knock-offs of Dr. Lecter's stunning suits be on sale to the show's various 'fannibals'? Hopefully.

The show begins its season season this Friday, and NBC has unveiled the opening two minutes of the premiere episode - a 'flash forward' to a showdown between Mads Mikkelsen's title character and Laurence Fishburne's Jack Crawford.

Source: The Live Feed