Spider-Man 2 Script Review

By Garth Franklin Thursday January 8th 2004 06:35PM

A short but interesting review of the superhero sequel's script has gone online over at TrekBBS, Here's a glimpse at the scooper's reaction:

"The script reads very much like a sequel. There's some of the (what I know consider to be) old fashioned beat-for-beat plot progression mirroring the first movie in the beginning (starting with a voice over of Peter angsting about MJ, etc). I honestly felt the script started a little slow, but it builds nicely to a very strong climax.

Having as good an actor as Alfred Molina playing Ock (something that rather baffled me at first) now makes sense, because our villain here is a man torn, confused, seduced even. He's a pretty classic mad scientist - much about the story I would call "classic", though I'm certain many in the audience, jaded fanboys that they are, are going to whinge about lack of originality.

Like the first film, this is a straight portrayal of traditional Spider-Man all the way down the line. There's one plot hole of a sort that I see, regarding the loss of Peter's powers. I think the script means to put it down to a psychological struggle and MacGuire may well be able to pull that off much better than it comes across in the mere words - but in the script it struck me as a little weak.

All in all, by the end I felt that I could confidently predict this will be another crowd-pleasing, straight-up superhero movie, and I know I'm going to enjoy it. The FX appear to have been smoothed out considerably, the script has broad appeal. It should satisfy Spidey fans and the general audience both".

Click here for the full review which has a few spoiler details.

Thanks to 'Wilson'.