Sexy Who Doctors Spin-Off

By Garth Franklin Tuesday October 18th 2005 05:15PM

A "sexy, funny" spin-off from the Doctor Who television series, is to be made by BBC Wales and set in Cardiff reports The BBC.

The 13-part sci-fi drama will be called "Torchwood" - an anagram of Doctor Who. Russell T Davies will also write and co-produce the "paranoid thriller". The drama features investigators solving human and alien crime.

Torchwood, which is aimed at adults, stars John Barrowman as Captain Jack - the time-travelling bisexual con artist who was one of the main characters from the recent Doctor Who series.

Davies says the series would be sexy, funny and very different to Doctor Who. "Doctor Who has a completely different feel to this kind of thing. This is set in the same place every week. It's a different sort of fun to Doctor Who. It's an urban series, very much set on earth. It's a Welsh series that I'm very, very proud of"

Although Doctor Who inspired Torchwood, no stories will cross over between the two series. Filming is due to start early in 2006, with transmission for a post-watershed BBC Three audience in the autumn.

Some hefty spoilers for the second series of the new "Who" can be found in a recent article over at AICN.

Thanks to 'Carl'