Martin Campbell's Royale Game

By Garth Franklin Tuesday October 18th 2005 04:59PM

Ten years ago Martin Campbell helped resurrect the James Bond franchise with "Goldeneye", now whilst out doing promotions for "The Legend of Zorro" this weekend, he spoke exclusively with Latino Review about his plans to do so again with next year's "Casino Royale".

He confirmed the film, based on the first novel by Ian Fleming back in 1953, serves as a prequel - "What's interesting about this is Bond when he's starting out. He's just got his 00's stripes and he's not the perfect Bond at all. I mean he makes mistakes, he's a little raw, he's a little arrogant, he's a bit of a loose cannon, but by the end of the movie of course he becomes the perfect machine Bond that we know".

Will it be an R-rated version? "No it will be a PG 13. The way the violence is done and everything else there is no point in doing Bond if going to be anything more than a PG 13 because its not...I don't the audience is...I think the major audience for Bond that has to be added is kids. I think kids have to go and see it" said Campbell who also confirmed neither miss Moneypenny or Q appears in the film.

Campbell confirmed that actor Henry Cavill came close to nabbing the part but at 22 was deemed just too young for the part. He and Craig were the only actors 'truly' in contention, and he likes Craig in the role because he has "[all] the attributes to make a much grittier and tougher Bond... this time we definitely wanted to go back to more realistic Bond. More like From Russia With Love, more kind of creditable if you will and that's the directive and that's why we've cast Daniel Craig. I think it definitely needs a change in direction".

As for the storyline, how close is it sticking to the book? "The second half of the book is very close. The first half isn't and when you read you'll understand why.... It was written in 1953 so obviously that's changed because there is no Cold War. But the rest is going to be pretty much intact, The whole game takes place; Le Chiffre is the bad guy, your genital whacking scene that all remains, so the last two thirds of the movie will be like the book. And the Bond will fall in love with Vesper Lynd as he does in the book"

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