Trailer: Tom Hardy In "Locke"

By Garth Franklin Monday February 17th 2014 06:44PM
Trailer: Tom Hardy In "Locke"

Tom Hardy commands the screen in the upcoming indie drama "Locke" because he has to - he's literally the only person on the screen for the entire runtime.

Steven Knight's low-budget confined space UK drama stars Hardy as an ordinary guy with a loving family and a promising construction job. His life changes over the course of one single 85 minute car journey.

The action in the film never leaves the car, and unfolds in real time with great British actors like Olivia Colman ("Broadchurch"), Ruth Wilson ("Luther"), Ben Daniels ("House of Cards"), Andrew Scott ("Sherlock") and Tom Holland ("The Impossible") all calling in on the car phone at different points as various key characters in Locke's life.

The first trailer for the film has arrived, check it out below: