Nicolas Cage Talks 9/11 Project

By Garth Franklin Wednesday October 12th 2005 05:31PM

Currently finishing up work on "The Wicker Man" remake, Nicolas Cage spoke with iF Magazine and discussed his next project - the Oliver Stone directed film about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"I've met with John McLoughlin. I've spent some time with him and talked through some things. I spent some down at the Port Authority and met all the other surviving members of the tragedy that were there. I'll sort of also talk through it with Oliver. I get the feeling from Oliver that the work they've done on the screenplay that that they want to make it pretty cinema-veritae so it'll feel like real time, unfolding" said the "Ghost Rider" actor.

He continued - "It's going to smack of reality, and they're going to try and make it as real as they can. I'm happy to say that Oliver and I have been trying to work together for many years. It hasn't happened, but I'm happy to say that with this one, because it's so positive about the human condition - the buildings themselves really, it's not about them. It's really more about this sample of men when the buildings came down where they went to survive and how they coped".

For the full interview, including lots of "Ghost Rider" stuff, click here.

Thanks to 'Ant'