Scribe Talks Chancellor, Sparrow

By Garth Franklin Monday October 10th 2005 05:36PM

"North Country" screenwriter Michael Seitzman talked with Rope of Silicon this weekend and spoke about his three upcoming scripting jobs for Warner Bros. Pictures:

The Chancellor Manuscript "[It] is a 30 year-old novel, it's about a writer of fiction, a Ludlum-esque writer who's writing a big muscular thriller that he thinks is a work of fiction and it turns out to be full of facts and everybody wants to kill him and then he essentially becomes a character in his own story".

The Sparrow "[Sparrow] is for Brad Pitt for Warner Bros. That's based on a book by Mary Doria Russell also called The Sparrow, it takes place in the not to distant future, we've heard radio signals coming from another planet and while the UN is arguing over whether to send a mission, the Vatican does and they send a group of priests and they make first contact. [Brad] is going to play a young priest... The Sparrow is such a gigantic canvas and frankly I am just not capable yet of directing something that big".

Storming the Court "I am writing and directing, it's a book that's going to come out from Scribner next month, the author's name is Brandt Goldstein and it's a fantastic book. It's the true story of Yale Law School students who sue the federal government successfully in the early 90s on behalf of the Haitian refugees on Guantanamo."

For the full interview, click here.

Thanks to 'Brad'.