In Development at MGM

By Garth Franklin Friday March 19th 2004 03:25AM

That old lion keeps on roaring. So the studio which has been for sale for what seems like decades now to whom ever has a few spare billion lying around, is still forging ahead with its projectsy. Here's what the latest roll of the dice has put into development over at the Century City HQ:

  <strong>"Beat The House"</strong>

A draft of the adaptation of the non-fiction book is in, and is now out to a very short list of directors that are 'Kevin Spacey approved'. No casting as yet.

"Camp David" Kerry Williamson has been hired, she's a young Irish writer from Mosaic Media.

"Mad Money" Casting right now with Diane Keaton practically set. Khali Couri directing.

"Other End of the Line" A rom-com about a guy who calls in about an identity theft and begins to make friends with the woman on the other end of the line. She likes him (over the phone), now knowing a lot about him, enters his life not letting him know who she is. She is actually a woman who was pre-arranged to get married and ran out.

"Pink Panther" Beyonce now a lock.

"Raised by Ghosts" Currently being reconceived to be more like "Elf" with ghosts. Baby gets left on the doorstop of what mother thinks is a nice home, but actually it's a haunted house. He's then raised by ghosts and thinks that scaring people and haunting is a nice thing to do. House is then going to be torn down and he has to save it. "Supercar Wheels of Fury" - Hired Marc Hyman to rewrite, but its taking a while.

"Toy Men" Follows an on-the-road toy salesman. Won't be period, but Vince Vaughn wants it pre-cellphone era.

"Buddy List", "Springer's Gambit" & "Man with X-Ray Eyes" - Dead or inactive There's also a mandate at the studio to look out for more comedies. Thanks to 'Budgie Huggers'