TV News: Who, Vatican, Community, Justified

By Garth Franklin Thursday December 12th 2013 05:58PM
TV News: Who, Vatican, Community, Justified

Doctor Who
Ahead of the Christmas Special, a couple of new tidbits about the final Matt Smith adventure are out. Amongst the points garnered: There’s a 'fair bit' of nudity, we'll likely find out why they are called 'The Silence', and elements from every series of Matt’s Doctor will come to a head.

Asked about Smith's final words, show runner Steven Moffat says: "I didn’t think I would go that way, but a couple of months before I wrote it I did say to Mark (Gatiss) that I thought I knew what his last moment would be. And indeed his last line. But if it didn’t fit the scene I wouldn’t crowbar it in. I’ve had the vague storyline in place for a long while." [Source: BBC]

An extended trailer for the one-hour season premiere of the fifth season of NBC's "Community" has arrived, promising a return to form for the comedy following creator Dan Harmon's return.

The Vatican
Showtime has formally made the decision to not proceed with its high profile drama "The Vatican". Ridley Scott directed the pilot for the show which was labelled a "provocative contemporary genre thriller set against the modern-day political machinations within the Catholic church." [Source: Deadline]

Raylon Givens is back for a fifth season of FX's "Justified" and a new (and too damn short) teaser trailer has gone up: