More "Exorcist" Prequel Recasting

By Garth Franklin Saturday January 3rd 2004 06:30PM

After a brief break for Xmas and New Years, reshoots on the "Exorcist" prequel kick off again in Rome on Monday with reports so far indicating that things are proceeding quite smoothly and the studio is so far very happy with the dailies coming in.

In any case our Italian contact 'Sport Fish' has details on one rather big casting change:

"The cast is dedicated, and Izabella (Scorupco) is blowing everybody away. By the way, I don't know if this already came out, but they just replaced Gabriel Mann due to scheduling conflicts, and since the entire movie is basically being reshot, and has a completely different story and script now, the second male lead is now being played by James D'Arcy ("Master And Commander").

James has real star charisma and is doing a great job from the looks of it, whilst Alan Ford (the main boss from "Snatch") has also landed one of the leads in the picture now".

Thanks again to 'Sport Fish'