"Doctor Games," "22 Jump" Spoof Videos

By Garth Franklin Wednesday November 20th 2013 10:05AM
"Doctor Games," "22 Jump" Spoof Videos

There are two big events in the world of entertainment geekdom this weekend - the debut of "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in cinemas, and the premiere of the 50th anniversary special of British sci-fi stalwart "Doctor Who". What if the two were able to combine somehow?

The online viral video "The Doctor Games" has done just that, pitting all thirteen onscreen incarnations of The Doctor (the official eleven, plus Peter Capaldi and John Hurt's versions) in a Hunger Games-style battle to the death. From the fourth Doctor using his colorful scarf as a garrotte, to the fifth Doctor taking an eye out with a stick of celery, it's an amusing fan mashup full of callbacks to both fandoms.

Channing Tatum has used some of the crew on the "22 Jump Street" set to help him with his own spoof, this one a homage to the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial released a week ago which has already generated 36 million views. Considering Tatum's performance in "Magic Mike," one would think he was more flexible than he lets on here.