VOTD: Super Mario, "Breaking Bad" Dream

By Garth Franklin Sunday November 17th 2013 12:14PM
VOTD: Super Mario, "Breaking Bad" Dream

The Four Players
Following the first two Mario and Luigi focused shorts the other day, the last two shorts from the gritty Super Mario Bros. reboot anthology "The Four Players" have gone online.

"Snow White and the Huntsman" scribe Evan Daugherty wrote and directed all four shorts, with these two focused on the characters of Princess Peach and Toad. Here the former is an imprisoned and tortured singer, the latter a steadfast soldier.

Breaking Bad
Also out today is an amusing video which gives AMC's "Breaking Bad" an alternate ending. Turns out it was all a dream of Bryan Cranston's "Malcolm in the Middle" character Hal.

Cranston and actress Jane Kaczmarek both appear in the short which was shot for the complete series DVD box-set due out November 26th.