Super Mario, JCVD Split, Katniss Kills Videos

By Garth Franklin Thursday November 14th 2013 11:19AM
Super Mario, JCVD Split, Katniss Kills Videos

The Four Players
What if the classic Nintendo video game series "Super Mario Bros." got a gritty, overly self-serious Chris Nolan style reboot?

"Snow White and the Huntsman" scribe Evan Daugherty has decided to explore that idea with "The Four Players," a series of four short films he wrote and directed.

The first two have gone online, the first starring Mario as a mushroom-smoothie drinking man burned out by the burdens of his work. The second sees Luigi as a recovering addict and dealer, while shorts involving Princess Peach and Toad will be released tomorrow.

Jean Claude Van Damme
He may be 53, but action star Jean-Claude Van Damme can still kick your ass ten ways from Sunday. A new ad for Volvo involves a one-take, no tricks stunt with Van Damme pulling off his most famous trick in order to showcase the auto manufacturer's 'Dynamic Steering' capabilities. It's actually a quite beautiful ad, and there's a making of it below:

Katniss Kills Everything
Finally, for something lighter in today's viral videos, a fun montage has been crafted to showcase just how many deaths that Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen is responsible for in film and TV history. Naturally a bunch of spoilers abound - especially for "Game of Thrones".