VOTD: "Harry Met Sally" Orgasm Flashmob

By Garth Franklin Wednesday November 13th 2013 08:16AM
VOTD: "Harry Met Sally" Orgasm Flashmob

Without a doubt, the most iconic scene from Rob Reiner's romantic comedy classic "When Harry Met Sally" is the moment where Meg Ryan's Sally educates Billy Crystal's Harry about women faking orgasms with a very vocal performance - shocking diners around her.

Now, Improv Everywhere have recreated this scene on location at Katz's Delicatessen in New York where the famous scene was shot. The twist here is that what starts out with what appears to be two actors re-creating the scene, ends up being just part of a larger 'flash mob' with twenty other couples doing it at the same time. The staff and the few genuine unsuspecting diners seemed to have a good laugh about it.