Neve Denies & Confirms Scream 4 Talk

By Garth Franklin Wednesday September 21st 2005 03:45PM

Neve Campbell told FilmFocus that she'd definitely not be involved in another "Scream" should a fourth film go ahead.

"We were really lucky with the Scream films to actually make a good trilogy, I think it's very challenging to find other films that have done that properly" she revealed, "but I think it was a good idea for me to stop there. They are going to go ahead and make a Scream 4, I guess they're casting it right now and it was offered to me; but to me, for Sidney, it just doesn't make sense...I think it would have been smart to leave it at three. Miramax is going to go ahead and make a fourth and perhaps they'll do a good job; you never know. If Kevin [Williamson] writes it, it's quite possible they'll do a good job".

And why the change of heart? "Sidney Prescott should have gone insane in the second Scream" she joked, "It was hard for them to get me to do the third one; how far can you go with a character whose friends have either all tried to kill her or died? The only way I could be in Scream 4 is in an insane asylum in a straight-jacket". No chance of a cameo then? "I doubt it, I seriously doubt it".

Thanks to 'Roger'.