Piracy Rampant For "Breaking Bad" Finale

By Garth Franklin Monday September 30th 2013 03:13PM
Piracy Rampant For "Breaking Bad" Finale

Along with the major ratings, the finale of "Breaking Bad" also broke another record - piracy.

TorrentFreak reports that the finale was the most pirated episode of the series, with more than half a million copies downloaded through torrent sites in the first twelve hours after the episode aired. That makes it a contender for being the year's most pirated episode of any TV show.

The largest share of downloads comes from the regular winner of these biggest movie/TV piracy polls - Australia - with 18% of the total. The United States and the United Kingdom came in second and third with 14.5% and 9.3% respectively.

At its peak, more than 85,000 people from all over the world were sharing a single copy of the "Breaking Bad" finale. That doesn't top current record holder "Game of Thrones" which has had up to 170,000 people sharing a single copy at one time.

Speaking of "Breaking Bad," a new non-spoiler featurette has gone up showing home video of stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul as they prepare for their first read of the finale's script back in March this year.