Trade Breaks: Superman, Lizard, Sin Jin

By Garth Franklin Tuesday September 6th 2005 03:26AM

"Director Bryan Singer acknowledges that the budget of "Superman Returns" is hovering near $250 million, though Warner Bros. execs are mum. Other studios are working on mega-pics with budgets north of $150 million: Disney's back-to-back "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequels, Paramount's "Mission: Impossible 3," Sony's "Spider-Man 3," Universal's "King Kong" and two other pics from WB, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" and a remake of "The Poseidon Adventure"..." (full details)

"Warner Bros. Pictures has signed a three-year, first-look deal with comedy group Broken Lizard ("Super Troopers", "Club Dread"), whose members were behind the studio's "The Dukes of Hazzard." Under the new pact, Broken Lizard will develop comedies written, produced, directed and/or acted in by the five members. These movies will be so-called Broken Lizard productions, modestly budgeted comedies in the vein of their first two films. The comedy group also will write comedies geared for established actors and larger budgets..." (full details)

"Roddy Piper is in talks to join the cast of "Sin Jin-Smyth", Ethan Dettenmaier's upcoming horror about two federal marshals, who man an isolated Federal Outpost in the American Midwest, who receive an emergency message one night to blitz across the border into the Kansas Badlands for the midnight prisoner transfer of man with no identity. Piper, is currently in talks to play an unspecified role in the film, which co-stars Richard Tyson and Reggie Bannister..." (full details)

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