David & Ben Giving Up On Past

By Garth Franklin Wednesday March 17th 2004 12:10AM

sp;> tvguide.jpg" Ahh Ben Affleck, the boy who's had a bit of a rough time in the tabloids and at the box-office of late, is attempting a minor comeback with his mug appearing all over promoting "Jersey Girl". It's during these promos according to the IMDB, that Affleck revealed that he's vowed he'll never do a "Daredevil" sequel as he doesn't want to do more action movies - "I can't imagine doing another action movie. I'm not interested". Instead he's focussing on lighter fare such as the holiday release "Surviving Christmas" which he describes as "The kind of script you would normally expect someone like Mike Myers, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell or Eddie Murphy to be in. Instead, it's me trying my hand at comedy".

Meanwhile David Boreanaz recently explained why he's not too fussed that his show "Angel" is being cancelled to TV Week: "I really wasnt shocked or surprised. This is the way the business is. Like I said when I started the show, I worked on scene to scene, show to show. My commitment to it was 22 episodes each season, and when thats done I'd consider it over. So it was actually a big relief for me and, personally, it gave me a big sense of freedom. I felt like a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders".

Thanks to 'Gustavo' & 'Jeff'.