Tales from the Scooby Doo 2 Junket

By Garth Franklin Monday March 15th 2004 01:35AM

The stars of the "Scooby Doo" sequel were in LA over the weekend to talk about the franchise's future, their upcoming projects and more to the likes of various press including CHUD. "Scooby Doo 3" came up with every one of them and there was some interesting things revealed: Linda Cardinelli and Matthew Lillard have both signed for a third "Scooby", but both Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. aren't. Would Lillard still participate if "I don't know what's going to happen to tell you the truth.  I'd rather not do it without [our] Fred and Daphne, but I have no idea.  It's kind of a really interesting subject right now around Scooby-land".

Producer Chuck Roven explained a little about why they didn't sign like the other two: "Sarah was just coming to the end ofBuffy and I think that she realized what, in fact, the future held out for her, so I think she just wanted to be a bit more cautious about making a longer term commitment out and in the future.  And Freddie, he goes back and forth about how much longer he wants to stay acting - whether he wants to move into other areas of the entertainment business as a writer or a director and I don't think that he wanted to make that kind of a long-term commitment because he also didn't know where his career was taking him".

Writer James Gunn also has ideas for story potentials: "I think there's a lot of other things we can deal with in the third movie, one of which is maybe going through Scooby and Shaggy'sfear and how that affects their lives". Finally Director Raja Gosnell gives us an idea about when to expect it: "If we had a script and the movie is a hit, I know they'd want to go right away.  I can't honestly say how I'd respond to that sitting here in the room.  I'd have to decide when it happens". If they do it, a choic of setting would be "Some European location, which I can't divulge".

Thanks to 'SJR'.