Game News: Rime, Dead, XB1, Pre-Orders

By Garth Franklin Thursday September 5th 2013 02:57PM
Game News: Rime, Dead, XB1, Pre-Orders

A quite beautiful GamesCom trailer for the stunning looking open world PSN indie game "Rime", and an extremely violent yet fun trailer for the Xbox One launch title "Dead Rising 3" are online, check them out below:

Xbox One
A couple of bits of good news in regards to the next gen Xbox. First up, the console is reportedly receiving a 10% power boost so will now have a 1.75 GHz CPU, on top of the previously announced 6% graphics performance improvement.

A rep for Microsoft also says its Azure cloud servers will eventually follow the same plan that Sony is doing with its Gaikai cloud service - potentially making games from all the previous console generations available for download.

In much more speculative news, there's rumor that the machine might boast a super fast discrete graphics core - one that hasn't been talked about yet due to the "Volcanic Islands" GPU not being officially announced until the end of September. [Source: WCCFTech]

Next Gen Pre-Orders
In terms of hard numbers, VGChartz has posted the latest data for pre-orders for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within the United States only.

In the U.S., as of August 24th (just after GamesCom), the PlayStation 4 console has around 600,000 pre-orders while the Xbox One is at 350,000 pre-orders. It's a surprisingly big gap considering North America was the big market in which the Xbox dominated last generation (PS3 dominated in most overseas territories).

More interesting though are the pre-order numbers for the games on these systems - despite the fewer numbers of system pre-orders for the XB1, both systems have a quite equal number of around 230,000 pre-orders each for "Call of Duty: Ghosts".

On other titles they differ. "Battlefield 4" is a big ticket item on PS4 with 247,000 pre-orders to XB1's 125,000. "Watch Dogs" is 118,000 (PS4) to 69,000 (XB1), "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" is 160,000 (PS4) to 105,000 (XB1), and "Madden NFL 25" is 65,000 (PS4) to 43,000 (XB1).

On exclusive titles, PS4's "Killzone: Shadow Fall" is looking like a big one with 221,710 pre-orders, while "Knack" is doing only a quiet 41,000. XB1's best performing exclusive is "Dead Rising 3" at 61,000 followed by "Ryse: Son of Rome" at 58,000.