Trade Breaks: Killshot, DAD, Sunday

By Garth Franklin Friday August 26th 2005 08:34PM

"Thomas Janes (The Punisher) has joined Diane Lane and Mickey Rourke in John Madden's upcoming big-screen adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Killshot. In the thriller, a woman and her blue-collar husband become the targets of two killers (Rourke plays one) after they stumble on an extortion plot hatched by the bad guys. Carmen (Lane) saw the scam and now she and Wayne (Jane), her ironworker husband, have to pay..." (full details)

"Lions Gate has decided it can relate to "Notorious D.A.D.," buying the family comedy pitch from writers Bear Aderhold and Tom Sullivan and setting it up with Carl Beverly, Eric Tannenbaum and Jonathan Prince to produce. Story concerns a superstar rapper who loses everything and is forced to take a job as a nanny for his accountant's kids while trying to resurrect his music career..." (full details)

"I-On Films will begin principal photography next week on the newly formed company's first feature project, coming-of-age drama "Looking for Sunday." Mark Piznarski ("Here On Earth") directs. Cast includes Orlando Jones, Michael Weston, Katherine Towne, Spence Decker and Madeline Zima. "Sunday" charts the course of two best friends putting off the end of adolescence until confronted by a former love arriving unexpectedly for her father's funeral..." (full details)

Thanks to 'KC'.