Dawn on Disc and a Congenial Plot

By Garth Franklin Monday March 15th 2004 12:15AM

Okay so "Dawn of the Dead" and "Miss Congeniality 2" are two films which have absolutely nothing in common, except both had some news today so I thought what the hey - I ain't going to get any sleep if I don't make 'em fit somehow.

Those eager to check out the zombie-filled action of 'Dawn' will be excited by the comments of Director Zack Snyder who revealed to Davis DVD that he had to make more than a few cuts to his film to receive an R-rating from the Motion Picture Association of America and as a result we can expect a special DVD set: "We went back and forth with the MPAA about four or five times before we got our R, but eventually we did...We will do an unrated DVD that will have probably an additional five minutes of gore, and then another five minutes of more character. Not that anyone wants that, but that's what they're going to get".

For those with a lighter taste in films, the plot of the "Miss Congeniality" sequel has been revealed - "Fresh off her latest investigative coup, Gracie Hart has become America's Sweetheart, the new "face of the Bureau." A glorified public relations mascot, Gracie wants to get back into the field and solve the case when her good friends Cheryl (Heather Burns) and Stan (William Shatner) are abducted. Gracie's "handlers," including the disgruntled Sam Fuller, just want to keep Gracie sidelined while "real" agents solve the case. However, Gracie has different plans..."

Thanks to 'Patrick' & 'Joe'.