GamesCom 2013 Game Trailer Videos

By Garth Franklin Thursday August 22nd 2013 11:58AM
GamesCom 2013 Game Trailer Videos

With GamesCom in Germany still underway, it's time for a collection of just over two dozen key trailers so far for various exciting looking upcoming video games. Some will be released on practically every console in the market, others will be exclusive to just one generation, one company or one specific console. Check them out below:

Batman Arkham Origins (Current Gen Only)

Beyond Two Souls (PS3 Only)

Watch Dogs

Battlefield 4


Lego Marvel Superheroes


The Division


Infamous: Second Son (PS4 Only)

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4 Only)

Ryse Son of Rome (XB1 Only)

Dead Rising 3 (XB1 Only)

Rime (PS4 Only)

Shadow of the Beast (PS4 Only)

Titanfall (PC/Xbox Only)

Fable Legends (PC/Xbox Only)

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture (PS4 Only)

Knack (PS4 Only)

Lords of the Fallen

The Crew (Next Gen Only)

Little Big Planet Hub (PS3 Only)

Murasaki Baby (Vita/PSN Only)

Helldivers (Vita/PSN Only)

Cobalt (Xbox/PC Only)

Kinect Sports Rivals (XB1 Only)