Kidman Is The New Bachelorette

By Garth Franklin Tuesday August 23rd 2005 04:08PM

20th Century Fox has just optioned "The Bachelorette Party," the new novel from "Legally Blonde" scribe Karen McCullah Lutz as a potential starring vehicle for Nicole Kidman reports Variety.

Kidman will produce with an eye towards toplining the adaptation which spins a comic tale of a Los Angeles bachelorette party gone awry: Despite being recently jilted at the altar, a high school teacher must attend the sendoff of her uptight cousin - who happens to be marrying the teacher's best guy friend. When the cousin betrays her fiancee's trust with a drunken indiscretion, the teacher must decide if her loyalties lie with her cousin or her pal.

Lutz, whose other screenwriting credits include the 1999 Touchstone comedy, "Ten Things I Hate About You," will adapt the novel. Kidman will next be seen in Steven Shainberg's "Fur" playing famed photog Diane Arbus.

Thanks to 'Carlie'.